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Inventory Clerks London is a leading provider of property inventory services. Our company delivers high quality inventory reports, conducted by expert clerks in all London areas. The certified inventory clerks can perform a range of inventory checks in line with the latest innovations in technology and legal regulations in the sector.


Inventory Clerks London Ltd offers a comprehensive portfolio of inventory services for tenants, landlords and home owners in all London areas. We have designed a customisable portfolio of services, including inventory inspections, check in, check out, interim and EPC reports. You can find more information about each report on our inventory services page.


What makes Inventory Clerks London Ltd different from all the other inventory companies in London? We have a vision, clear goals, creativity, and ability to encourage every employee to unleash their personal and professional potential. Therefore, we organize regular inventory clerk trainings for our employees to expand their knowledge and make them the best inventory clerks in London. Our special courses are beneficial not only for our staff but also for people outside the company who would like to learn more about the inventory clerk practice.

If you have any further questions regarding our services, trainings or job offers, you can contact the friendly team of Inventory Clerks London by calling us on 020 3746 5242 or writing to

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“All reports were readied in no time, exactly when I needed them. Very accurate and professional work that saved me a lot of time. Good price, too.”H. Norton

“When dealing with reports and check outs, it is better to call an independent company, which I did. A very professional one, I must add. All reports were done perfectly and in time. Saved me some money too, the price is great! I will use their services again when needed.”M. Bray

“Did all my reports with this company. Recently, I had a lot of tenants moving in/out and so on for a short period of time, which still required reports. I already knew this company and simply called. They already had my details and it was easy from then on. The reports always arrived on time and were very accurate, which helped me a lot since I am a pretty busy person. Also, the prices are quite nice as well, which is also the reason why I decided to use them in the first place.F. Powell

“I needed a check-out report done as soon as possible and these guys answered the call. Very professional over the phone, knew what to do, managed to send someone on a short notice and, I have to say, their clerk did the job quite well. The report arrived some time after, actually exactly when promised when I ordered the service, which is great timing. Saved me a lot of hassle... Great service.”C. Johansen

“The dispatched clerk was very professional. Worked methodically and patiently checked everything. When there was something wrong or different, he made recommendations which I later on discussed with your office. A service worth it's value, I must admit. Will continue using you in the future, you won me over.”M. A.Christensen